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Engagement Party Theme

Engagement Party Theme

If you have just popped the big question to your girlfriend or if you are the girlfriend that has just said ‘yes’ to your boyfriend when he asked you to marry him, isn’t it time to plan the engagement party? You bet! The key to having the ideal engagement party is to have the right theme idea and the appropriate menu. You have to plan your party with these things in mind, along with other pertinent choices. Let’s look at some of the theme ideas that you could consider. You may need a little help so we are going to oblige you.

Wine Tasting

You could have your invited guests bring with them a bottle of wine to the engagement party. This would allow you to save money on purchasing the wine for the tasting. You would provide wine glasses for the tasting, so that everyone gets a taste of each bottle of wine, if possible. Make sure you have enough food choices because wine goes nicely with food. You should only consider finger foods such as cheese and crackers or a fruit cup. You could hire a wine sommelier to help guide the wine tasting or use a local winery for a private wine tasting gathering.

Cooking Class

You could consider having a cooking class and choose a host from a restaurant or local culinary school. You could also hire the teaching services of a chef and have the cooking class in your home. You would have to make the menu selection beforehand. Choose a starter meal, entrée and then dessert. You could begin with your favorite dish and have the chef, school or restaurant make recommendations. For the dessert, if you love to eat sweets, you may want to consider party favors. Most guests will love to see this added to the dessert tray. Once the food is ready, serve buffet style and at the end of the cooking class, give the guests recipe cards to take home with them.

Champagne and Chocolate

For your engagement party, you could plan to have champagne and chocolate. These go well together too, especially when you are celebrating such a momentous occasion. You could also include party favors, truffles, chocolate chip cookies, and/or fondue station dripping with chocolate. You can add more flavors other than chocolate because you may have some of the guests who don’t like chocolate. When the night ends, plan to have party favor bags for the leftover treats so your guests can take home.

Brunch It Is

For your engagement party, you can plan a Sunday brunch or any other day of the week, for that matter, but choose a date and time that is flexible for the invitees. You could have a cocktail brunch with small bites of food and party favors. You could plan a French theme for your brunch with small bottles of champagne, quiche and party favors. The sky is the limit to what you can do in choosing the right theme for your engagement party, but don’t leave out the party favors. Most people have a sweet tooth – no matter what time of the day it is.

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Graduation Parties

Graduation Parties








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Summer is one of the most fun times of the year and this is the time when students graduate from high school and college. For that reason, this is the time when you will find students inviting you to graduation parties and celebrations with their family members. It is a time of pride where students show off their achievements and are relieved that another milestone is reached. Yes, the proud parents and relatives have to spend extra money to make sure that the celebration is done in style and impeccable fashion. From choosing a venue to possibly hiring a caterer, choosing the right party favors and decorating the venue, there is quite a lot of preparation and planning to ensure that the festivity goes on as envisioned.

Before the Planning

Prior to planning the graduation party, it is essential to sit with the graduate and decide the details of the party, which means choosing party theme and sticking to it. If you are going to order party favors, for example, these need to be chosen prior to the actual date and must go along with the party theme. You need to decide whether this is a backyard event with a group of close family members and friends or a bigger occasion with a larger venue. Of course, it will depend on your budget primarily.

The Budget

Before the glitz and glamour, take time to come up with the appropriate budget. What does your budget include? Is it:

  • A three course meal
  • Party favors and a specially made cake for the graduate
  • 25 to 100 guests or less
  • A smaller or larger venue
  • A caterer or grandma cooks the food

This is a one-in-a-lifetime event. Therefore, while your budget may be small, you can still make it a memorable occasion. You can stick with what works best for you, but it is best to plan ahead.

The Venue

When choosing the venue, budget again will be a factor. If you must have the party at home, you can still decorate it as you would any other venue as long as you have the space. You can rent a tent and put up in your backyard. You can also rent tables and chairs. This will lower the cost of putting on a graduation party and also lessen the stress.


It is now time to send out your invitation after you and the graduate has selected a date and time. Decide how many people you are going to invite. You don’t have to mail the party invitations. You can do an email or Facebook RSVP, which is less costly anyway. For those without email or a Facebook account, you can do a word of mouth invite or send one in the mail. Congratulations on your achievement. It is now time to party! Make sure you get your party favors to match your theme too!


Tips on Planning an Amazing Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

On most occasions, the baby shower is thrown by an individual who may not be a relative of the pregnant person. Why? Well, when a non-relative throws the baby shower, it won’t give the impression that the relatives are requesting baby gifts, which seems to be absurd, since that is one of the underlying reasons. But this is not a debate right now. Let’s be practical and realize the expectant mom and dad are more focused on seeing their long awaited bundle of joy.

Solicit Help

The expectant mother is not into the business of throwing her own shower. Therefore, if you are going to plan a baby shower, make sure it is amazing. Go with your instinct. If you are a friend or co-worker of the mom-to-be, then you may know her likes and dislikes or what she is saying about the unborn baby. If you don’t, then solicit the help of a close family member. Gather a group of ladies (no more than 4) to help you with the planning. You can throw ideas around until you all come to an agreed-upon decision. The first step is to decide when to have the baby shower and next, where the venue will be.

The Date

If you are going to plan a shower, you need to know when the mother is expecting the baby. If the mother is experiencing a troublesome pregnancy, then you can plan the shower for later – after the baby comes. However, in most situations, the mother-to-be may probably prefer it to be later on in the pregnancy as long as she is able to sit up long enough to enjoy the festivities. Most moms are able to. The effort that you put out to plan this event will make her appreciative. Prior to setting the date, find out from those on the guest list, if they will be able to attend. Remember, people have prior engagements and commitments. Grandparents are an important part of the package. So, make sure that they top the list.

The Venue

After the date is decided on and the venue is secured, it is time to send out the invitations. However, if you can cut the budget by having the baby shower in someone’s backyard, don’t hesitate. While it may be nice to have it at a local venue, other than any of the homes of those who will be in attendance, the expectant mother may feel more comfortable doing so. Make sure you get this small, but important detail from someone close to mom-to-be.

The Menu

The menu is just as important as the date and venue. Every party has food and baby showers are no different. Plan the menu with the mom-to-be in mind, but also the guests. Include baked treats for everyone. If you have to order party favors, by all means so do since most people love those. Prior to the date of the baby shower, select the kind of party favors that will make this occasion unforgettable. The baby will love the idea too as soon as those party favors reach the stomach of the expectant mother.

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Wedding favors

Wedding favors

For the bride and groom, the wedding should be about them, but nine times out of ten, the grand occasion is about pleasing the wedding guests. Nothing on the menu has the appeal that candy favors have. If you are planning a wedding menu, you can never leave candy favors off the list. It is one of the choices that wedding guests have come to expect. So many people love to entertain their ‘sweet tooth,’ especially at weddings. In fact, most of them look forward to it. Other than the main course, desserts are a top priority for any wedding and candy favors is in the mix.

Personalized Favors

To make it even more satisfying, the wedding planner can personalize the candy wedding favors for each person on the guest list. This will greatly enhance the style and theme of your wedding because your goal is to let the guests know how grateful you are that they graced your wedding with their honored presence.

The Traditional Favors

Wedding favors have been a popular and integral part of the tradition and celebration in America for years. Brides and grooms have made it a staple to their weddings on many occasions. Wedding favors began in Europe using crystal boxes with small dessert treats. During that era, sugar was short and so to have these wedding favors made and given away as gifts was the ultimate show of gratitude toward the guests. Most brides and grooms love to carry on this tradition by sending the same message to their wedding guests. It is actually a fun thing to do because it shows off the couple’s personalities as well as the wedding theme. If you are getting married on a limited budget, you can still offer candy favors in an economical and smart way. You could also use some as a centerpiece at the table of each guest.

The Treat

Your guest will love the idea of being treated special with personalized candy favors. You can wrap the candy treats in cellophane paper and put a ribbon around it for each guests. Make sure you use the colors of the wedding theme. You could also put the candy treats in small containers and give to each of your guests. Go a step further and put your wedding date on each tin or on each candy treat.


Now you have some ideas of how candy favors work, it is time to place an order, but first determine the theme and color of your wedding as well as your budget. Decide also whether you will have personalized wedding favors or not. Will you put the treats in a goody bag or in small engraved tins? You can discuss this with a wedding planner or party favor specialist.

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How the Idea of Wedding Favors Began

Wedding Party Favors

Wedding Party Favors

For years, wedding favors have been used as an integral part of a wedding ceremony, especially when it is a traditional wedding. And, it doesn’t matter the culture because it is being included in wedding ceremonies across many cultures. In years past, wedding favors was considered extravagant if used in a wedding celebration. In fact, it was only included in European weddings where people were of the upper class and wedding favors were an elaborate gift to give to a guest.

In the Past

In the past, wedding favors starting with giving guests a simple small, but fancy box of candies. These were known as bonbonniere in the French culture. It was made of gold, porcelain and crystals and usually coated with precious stones. The box was delicate enough to fit the bonbons or other sugary delicacies. During this time, sugar was very costly and so because of this, guests would appreciate the gesture made by the couple.

Giving Gifts

Giving gifts to guests is a tradition that started when couples decided to show appreciation to their guests for attending their wedding. Modest giving consisted of treats that the guests could take home with them. Or sometimes, it would be treats provided at the wedding celebration. In every culture, marriage is always approached as a momentous event for the couple and the family. Some wedding ceremonies are lengthy and expensive while others are more conservative, but one thing stays constant and that is giving gifts to the guests. In some cultures, the fact that two people are getting married says that good luck surrounds them. And so, when the couple extends wedding favors to the guests, it is considered as passing on the good luck and blessings.

Choosing Your Wedding Favor

How do you decide which wedding favor to choose for your grand and unforgettable event? You have unlimited options. You could fill a place card with wedding favors and place at the reception table. You could decorate the place cards with beautiful embellishments. If you are working with a decent budget, you could add a bottle of wine, personalized with the date of your wedding and couple’s names. You could choose a wedding favor to complement the décor or backdrop of the reception hall.


In every culture, wedding party favors are considered special gifts. These are usually distributed at various times. Sometimes, the bride will give this gift to those at the rehearsal dinner and sometimes prior to the wedding. However, for the most part, guests would receive the wedding favors while seated during the reception. It doesn’t matter where it is given – as long as the guests receive their wedding favors and appreciate the kind gesture from the couple.

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